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Entry #21

I want to die

11/13/12 by Cevox

I don't actually want to die, but looking at this newgrounds profile of mine reminds me of how terrible I used to be at EVERYTHING. I uploaded everything when I was 13-14 years old, and it clearly shows. Ugh.. I just want you to know that I don't use this profile anymore and only leave it up as a sort of "remember how I used to be" thing. So, yeah. Don't be surprised if you end up utterly disappointed by everything here.


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Hmm. Well, I hope I think like that about my current creations a year from now.



I had the same thought while ago. The problem is that I'm currently finishing my degree in multimedia. I know just a little from everything, but nothing in deep. It's awful. Just remember, it's totally up to you to make your mind clear, what you really want to do and go straight that line. I've worked in so many and different things in multimedia that I'll not do it anymore. : /